Rental Furniture for Fairs and Events

If you want to rent furniture for an exclusive fair, the full-service agency for trade fair booth construction fairtainment GmbH, based in Hanover, is the right contact.


A successful fair booth do not only attract by its appearance, but also by the furniture. It begins with the presentation of your valuable or sensitive exhibits, seating and beyond.


Rent chairs, tables, bar stools, lounge furniture, display cases, brochure holders and numerous rental furniture. These will not only increase the comfort for you during the exhibition, but provide an appealing and distinctive decoration of your booth – whether system booth by Octanorm or an individualised booth.


Depending on your needs, requirements and your fair booth design, we advise you when it comes to furniture rental. We provide you with the exhibition facilities, which are eye-catching and attract visitors to your booth – for an highly reasonable price-performance ratio.


Contact us now and get the unique opportunity to rent our exhibition furniture for an appealing design of your fair booth.

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Information Counter
W/D/H: ca. 120/50/113 cm

Bar Counter
W/D/H: 105/57/122 cm

Bar Counter
W/D/H: 120/50/110 cm

Counter Dresden
W/D/H: 157/70/110 cm

Counter Metz-Reims
W/D/H: 100/61/110 cm

Counter Ottawa
W/D/H: 118/71/119 cm

Counter Rio big
W/D/H: 104/78/109 cm

Counter Rio small
W/D/H: 104/48/109 cm

Counter St. Tropez
W/D/H: 180/70/108 cm

Computer Table
W/D/H: 65/45/104 cm

Multimedia column
W/D/H: 54/52/114 cm

Computer table
W/D/H: 90/75/112 cm

W/D/H: 90/43/110 cm

Sideboard I
W/D/H: 91/51/90 cm

Sideboard II
W/D/H: 120/43/72 cm

Sideboard Valnet big
Höhe 100cm

Sideboard Valnet small
Höhe 100cm

Sideboard USM
W/D/H: 153/38/74 cm

Paper trash

Garbage bag stand

140 Litre
W/D/H: 55/60/85 cm

Coffee cup
with saucer

Espresso cup
with saucer

Kitchen rollable

Beer Counter

Espresso machine
W/D/H: 41/39/47 cm
Verbrauch: 2kW

W/D/H: 60/60/86 cm
Verbrauch: 2,4kW

Kitchen under cabinet
W/D/H: 5100/60/95 cm

Industry Dishwasher
W/D/H: 60/60/86 cm
Verbrauch: 6,3 kW

Fridge for bottles
W/D/H: 60/60/145 cm

Stamina I
Plate: white, base: black
H:114 cm, Ø: 60 cm

Stamina IV
Plate: anthracite, base: black
H:114 cm, Ø: 60 cm

Stand table Madera
Plate: beech
H:114 cm, Ø: 60 cm

Stand table with cover
Colour: white
H:114 cm, Ø: 60 or 80 cm

Bar Stool LEM

Bar Stool Z

Bar Stool Breeze

Bar Stool Z
including chair rest

Bar Stool Bombo

Barhocker Design

Stamina II
Ø 80 cm

Stamina III
Ø 60 cm, H: 110 cm

Stand table Walnut
Plate: walnut
W/D/H: 80/80/110 cm

W/D/H: 70/70/110 cm

Bridge small
W/D/H: 70/70/108 cm

Upholstered chair
with chair rest

Leather Couch
W/D/H: 135/80/85 cm

Leather Armchair
Colour: black
W/D/H: 80/80/85 cm

Lounge Armchair B
W/D/H: 51/59/77 cm

Lounge Armchair W
W/D/H: 51/59/77 cm

Plastic Chair

Chair Eifel

Plastic Chair Ahorn
with chair rest

Chair One

Plastic Bowle

Stuhl Breeze

Chair Breeze

Cube Seat

Upholstered chair
W/D/H: 129/60/76 cm

Club Couch
W/D/H:: 129/60/76 cm

Table Madera
Plate: beech
H: 72 cm, Ø 60 cm

Table groß
Plate: white
W/D/H: 120/65/72 cm

Table eckig
Plate: white
W/D/H: 70/70/74 cm

Table S
Ø 60 cm, H 72 cm

Glass table round
H: adjustable, Ø 51 cm

Glass table
W/D/H: 115/75/44,5 cm

Table anthrazit
Plate: anthracite

W/D/H: 70/70/72 cm

Table rund
Ø 80 cm, H: 74 cm

Table small
W/D/H: 75/75/72 cm

Table W
Ø 75 cm, H: 72 cm

Brochure rack
Höhe: 170 cm

Plastic Shelf
Colour: black
W/D/H: 95/45/185 cm

Shelf Metal and Wood

W/D/H: 102/45/185 cm

Columnar display
W/D/H: 50/50/200 cm

Brochure rack
W/D/H: 2741/120 cm

Standing display

W/D/H: 100/50/200 cm

Table counter
W/D/H: 100/50/110 cm

W/D/H: 75/30/170 cm

Brochure rack rollable
W/D/H: 116/53/160 cm

Colour: white
W/D/H: 50/40/50 cm

Beer tent
(1 table und 2 bench)
W/D/H: 220/50/75 cm

Bag holder
H: 140-170 cm

Rolling wardrobe rack
B/H: 180/140-210 cm

Standing wardrobe rack

Umbrella rack

Shutoff stator
incl. Cord

Shutoff cord

Beer table hinged

Beer table hinged

Locker cabinet
fairtainment GmbH
Hanomaghof 2
D-30449 Hannover


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